Marni Show - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Milan (with interview)

Artistic Director : Francesco RissoAmbiance: a room littered with newspapers, old TV sets, old mattresses or blankets which serve as seating for the guests.Collection: A Marni collection, with more and more house codes, but with a real work on volumes, materials and the construction of clothes. The young designer brings real freshness and modernity to the Italian label, with, this time, a reflection on eco-responsible clothing and recycling based around pieces built from scraps of fabric, with a blend of prints, visible stitches and floating threads. The palette is energized with gorgeous vibrant tones. Huge layered blankets envelop the models’ bodies with a haughty allure. There are new playful prints with cats’ heads or more conceptual designs with lots of human faces. To note: a vinyl trench with a belted waist, a striped coat with loose volumes worn over a python midi skirt, but also the apparent simplicity of a knitted ribbed tube dress. There are multiple propositions of shoes and notably a pair of heels with serrated soles. An XXL backpack and long feather earrings which bring a pretty and exotic touch.Interview: Franceso, this the third collection that he’s done, and it’s starting to become very close to the DNA of the brand. Plus, the modernity because he’s a very young guy, he’s 33, it’s a big emotion to see where we’re going where everything is a theme, everything is a themed work and everybody is playing the same game, we have this beautiful vision, and it’s still Marni but with the modernity of 2020.I think it’s very nice, the new fabrics, the silhouette, the recycling. Also the way that the garment’s died, the stitching of the models, the styling, even accessories. So everything is done with one of our modern Italian boys and I’m very proud.Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)

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